“Working to change the lives of the poor through appropriate and sustainable development.”

PPT specialises in developmental projects and initiatives for disadvantaged communities and special needs groups and works closely with communities, government, donors and civil society organisations in achieving its mission. PPT prepares and manages projects at scale, develops policies and strategies and innovates based on real-world experience.

Why is Project Preparation Important?

Project preparation maximises development opportunities by ensuring that projects are well conceptualised and risks are mitigated at the earliest possible time … read more

Innovation & Developing Replicable Models

PPT innovates, documents and disseminates improved development models and approaches which are potentially replicable … read more

Informal Settlement Upgrading

This programme focuses mainly on incremental upgrading (which is scale-able and which includes the provision of basic services and tenure security) as well as full (conventional upgrading) consisting of state-funded formal housing provision with full services and title deeds when appropriate. read more

Livelihoods & Economic Development

This programme focuses on a range of mutually supporting responses which strengthen people’s ability to improve their own livelihoods and generate income … read more

Special Needs Group Housing

This programme provides improved shelter and care to those in special need such as orphans and vulnerable children and those infected or affected by HIV / AIDS … read more

ECD Survey & Infrastructure

Large numbers of children in under-serviced communities lack access to acceptable ECD care and services. They also often face a range of health and safety threats … read more

Housing and Infrastructure

This programme focuses on low income housing, water supply, basic sanitation, water and sewer treatment upgrades and roads and bridges … read more

Facilitation Unit

PPT has more than 20 years’ experience in social facilitation, participative planning and field survey work … read more

Ukulungisa Project Preparation Fund

Ukulungisa is a national initiative which helps to address infrastructure backlogs and promote more effective preparation practices in the infrastructure sector … read more

Adding Value to Donor Funders

Our track record shows that we achieve high developmental impacts for donor clients by ensuring that their funds are well managed and that programmes are well conceptualized … read more