Programmes and Projects – Overview

PPT is involved in a range of mutually supporting developmental programmes which focus on the poor and most vulnerable and wherever possible pursues a holistic and integrated approach. Each programme addresses a specific developmental need or opportunity which is regarded as important in bringing about transformation and change in South Africa. Each programme is made up of a number of constituent projects, initiatives or sub-programmes.

Due to the extensive number of projects in which PPT is involved, it is not possible to provide detailed information on all of them. A short summary of each programme is provided below. For more information, please click one of the buttons below.

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PPT’s Developmental Programmes

  • Full upgrading (full services, housing and title) or interim basic services (e.g. rudimentary water supply, sanitation, access roads, solid waste disposal) … click here for more.

  • Including training and support for micro-entrepreneurs, participative local economic action planning, food gardens, and fruit tree planting … click here for more.

  • Despite the importance of micro and informal enterprises (MIEs) and the informal economy in addressing joblessness and economic growth … click here for more.

  • Such as community care homes for orphans and vulnerable children and accommodation for the chronically ill or those with disabilities … click here for more.

  • Large numbers of children in underserviced communities lack access to acceptable ECD care and services … click here for more.

  • PPT has more than 20 years’ experience in social facilitation, participative planning and field survey work … click here for more.

  • Basic infrastructure (e.g. water supply, sanitation, road access) as well as bulk infrastructure (e.g. water and sewer mains) … click here for more.

  • Ukulungisa Project Preparation Fund (UPPF) is a joint venture which is funded by the Business Trust. The bulk of UPPF’s preparation funding is … click here for more.

  • Typically provided to various spheres of government to create more conducive conditions for development and informed by PPT’s extensive project-level experience … click here for more.

  • including the transfer of project preparation skills to government and the capacitation of grassroots organizations … click here for more.

  • Appropriate energy products for poor households such as small photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, gel fuel, small wind turbines and solar cookers … click here for more.

  • This programme focuses mainly on the effective, appropriate and well planned acquisition of land for communities and their projects and … click here for more.