Sustainable Energy

This programme focuses mainly on the provision of appropriate household energy products such as small photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters, gel fuel, small wind turbines and solar cookers. This is a relatively new PPT programme, dating back to 2005, and has been focussed mainly on two pilot projects which have demonstrated the potential for replication at scale. The PPT model utilised helps to match low income consumers with suppliers of various products by means of a facilitated and managed process which reduces the risks to both contracting parties. A partial subsidy on the cost of energy products is also provided.

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Capital Funding Approved
Total Funding approved: 624,009
No. of projects with approved funding 3
No. hh benefiting
from approvals


Funding value of projects under prep: 559,895
Number of Projects under Preparation
No. of projects under preparation: 1
No. participants benefiting under prep: 600