Impacts and Achievements

Benefits to Communities

PPT has delivered extensive benefits to poor and disadvantaged communities since its establishment. To date PPT has leveraged funding and other forms of assistance for more than 221,735 households and is currently working on projects benefiting 12,030 households. These communities are mainly informal settlements and marginalised rural communities.

There is also a strong emphasis on those in special need (e.g. orphans and vulnerable children) and those involved in informal enterprise or livelihoods activities (e.g. food gardens and home based care).

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Projects Prepared to Date

Previously Prepared


Capital Value
Billion Rand

Projects Currently Under Preparation

Currently Preparing


Projected Capital Value
Million Rand

Benefits to Government

PPT provides significant support and assistance to various spheres of government (local and district municipalities as well as provincial and national government departments.)


The effectiveness of PPT's focus on project preparation is evident in the high gearing it achieves on both its operating overheads and the preparations funds utilized when measured against the capital unlocked.

There is also additional and un-quantified gearing which relates to:

a) developmental benefits as improvements in people's quality of life, livelihoods, income generation and operating funds flowing into projects
b) significant improvements in the area of policies and strategies.

Projects under Preparation

PPT is currently preparing 45 projects benefiting 12,030 households with a projected capital value of R255 million.

Policy Impacts

PPT has achieved significant policy and strategy impacts in a range of fields such as project preparation, informal settlement upgrading, special needs housing and alternative technologies (click here for more).

Capital Approvals

The projects PPT has prepared since its inception have resulted in R2.04 billion in capital funding being awarded for 205 “pro-poor” development projects benefiting over 220,738 disadvantaged households.

The projects include housing and infrastructure, special needs housing and HIV/AIDS relief, pro-poor local economic development, sustainable energies and capacity building and skills transfer).

Replicable Models

PPT has developed a range of replicable models based on its practical project and programme experiences (click here for a schedule of PPT’s replicable models).