Policy & Strategy Work

PPT’s policy and strategy work is undertaken on a selective basis to help bring about change in critical areas so as to create more conducive conditions for development. It is always informed by PPT’s project-level experience and development expertise and PPT does not engage in this area of work purely at an ‘academic’ level. The objective is usually to bring about improvements in government policies, practices and investments in development.

PPT’s policy and strategy work has both an advocacy component (i.e. where we seek to create awareness on key issues in order to bring about change) as well as a policy and strategy development component (e.g. where PPT is commissioned by a sphere of government to develop a particular strategy or invited to make inputs into a particular policy).There is an obvious overlap between these two components. Documenting and disseminating replicable development approaches and methodologies which PPT has innovated is an important part of its policy work.

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PPT achieved a range of significant policy impacts across a range of different spheres of development. Some of the important achievements are outlined below: