Facilitation Unit


PPT has more than 20 years’ experience in social facilitation, participative planning and field survey work. Whilst historically this work has been undertaken as part and parcel of PPT’s developmental programmes in preparing various developmental projects, PPT also provides these as stand-alone services to government, private sector, or NGO clients who might require them.

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Facilitation and participative planning:

  • Participatory Community Action Planning (PCAP)
  • Participatory Economic Action Planning (PEAP)
  • People’s Housing Process (PHP) – acting as a support organisation.
  • Informal settlement upgrading participation and participative planning.
  • Special needs housing
  • Social compacts.
  • Micro and informal enterprise
  • Sales administration on housing projects.

Field surveys – using android survey tool:

PPT makes use of a customised, cloud-based android survey tool. Ten inch tablets are used in the field. New survey questionnaires can be designed to client specification. PPT currently uses local Kandu technology. Data analysis and survey reports are provided, including cross tabulations via SPSS or equivalent on request.

  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre Surveys: The existing questionnaire contains more than 140 questions addressing institutional and registration status, capacity and governance, health and safety threats, infrastructure and GPS location. This is normally used on an area basis in order to identify and map ECD centres and facilitate improved response planning for the DSD, Municipalities and support NGOs.
  • Socio-economic surveys: The existing household questionnaire (usually used for human settlement planning) is 62 questions including information pertaining to: household head, family, income, savings, schooling, existing housing, tenure, rental, basic services access (water, sanitation, roads, electricity etc.), enterprise, key community facilities access (e.g. education, health care, police, community halls etc.), and development priorities.

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