Special Needs Group Housing

Special needs group housing (SNGH) has been a major focus for PPT since 2002. PPT has played a significant role at both the project and policy levels over this period. This programme focuses on the provision of group housing (shelter and associated care) for a range of special needs beneficiaries such as orphans and vulnerable children, the chronically ill, those with disabilities and victims of domestic abuse.

The main focus is to assist welfare organisations (NPOs) working at grassroots level to access capital funding in the form of housing subsidies from provincial Departments of Human Settlements for acquisitions, new builds or renovations. Care is taken to ensure that projects are viable and sustainable (e.g. that organisations have the necessary skills and capacity to operate and maintain the project), that initiatives are operationally sustainable, and that the relevant government departments dealing with welfare or health are supportive. Projects have historically been located mainly in KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Gauteng but with some involvement in the Western Cape.

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Capital funding approvals secured:
Rand value: 53,980,243
Number of projects: 41
Number of households: 978
Projects under preparation:
Rand value: 20,538,791
Number of projects: 18
Number of households: 368