DG Murray Special Needs Housing Funding


special-needs-group-housing-01PPT has recently received funding for its Special Needs Housing (SNH) Programme from the DG Murray Trust to: 1) promote and mainstream SNH policies, procedures and systems; 2) design and pilot a SNH model for abused women and children and the aged; 3) prepare and submit four SNH subsidy applications in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape in partnership with selected NPO’s (two for the aged and two for abused women and children).

PPT will work towards a more enabling policy and delivery environment for Special Needs Group Housing in South Africa. PPT will engage with National Department of Human Settlements to determine progress on the SNH Framework that was prepared and submitted by the SNH Forum in 2008, the National Department of Social Development to obtain buy-in and support and various NGOs across the country to motivate for a National Directive to Provinces to develop their SNH policies.

PPT will also offer support to the Western Cape Provincial Department of  Human Settlements in prepration for and during the implementation of their Special Needs Group Housing Policy.

At project level, PPT will investigate housing options for: a) stage 2 and 3 housing for Abused Women and Children; b)  affordable independent / assisted living for the elderly within the community.  This will be followed up with appropriate pilot projects with selected welfare organisations to test the housing models both in urban and rural areas.  An interest-free DGMT Revolving Preparation Fund will be established by PPT for this purpose. In the first phase, a minimum of 4 organisations will be assisted resulting in an estimated 6 care facilities benefiting approximately 50 beneficiaries with a subsidy value of approximately R3.3 million. As preparation funds are recovered from capital housing subsidies approved, the recovered preparation funding will be utilised for additional SNH projects (approximately 4 per year). (Posted September 2012)

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