Livelihoods and Economic Development

This programme commenced in earnest in 2003 after PPT identified this as an important ‘gap’ in many of the housing and infrastructure projects in which it was involved. Since then it has evolved into a significant programme with many constituent sub-programmes and project typologies which address various aspects of pro-poor local economic development and livelihoods security. The programme focuses mainly on: training and support for emerging micro-entrepreneurs, small scale agriculture, food gardens, fruit tree establishment, participative local economic action planning, and livelihoods security.

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Capital Funding Approved
Total capital funding approved: 15,204,963
No. Projects with capital approval: 39
No. hh benefiting households: 9,083
Number of Projects under Preparation
Capital value of projects under preparation: 9,378,731
No. projects under preparation: 27
No. hh benefiting under prep: 3,187